What are the chronic back pain symptoms?

Man with strong backache can't sit on the chair

The chronic back pain is a very frequent problem affecting men, women, young people and the elderly. Those who suffer from the problem report a number of symptoms which form the basis of this article. Before we discuss the chronic back pain symptoms, it is important to have some background of this pain.

We need to understand that the back is made up of a complex network of bones, muscles, tissues, tendons, ligaments and nerves. They all work together to ensure that the spinal cord is functioning smoothly. However, this does not always happen. Things go wrong somewhere ad we develop complications leading to the pain.

The possible causes of back pain are as follows:


We may injure our back during our daily activities. For instance, the repeated action of lifting heavy objects could lead to tearing of tendon or ligament. When this happens, one starts to feel pain. It may be gradual but eventually, it becomes chronic and especially if one continues with the lifting of the heavy objects.

Strenuous training

Some of us are very active, engaging in all types of exercises. Although it is quite in order to keep fit, some of these fitness exercises tend to be injurious to the back. One may cause damage to the spine by way of tearing a muscle or tissues found there.


There are some sports which lead top chronic back pain.Golf; tennis and baseball are some of the sporting activities which put a strain on the thoracic, cervical or lumbar regions of the spine. The repealed action of swinging the ball in a game of golf for example could lead to tearing of the muscle.

Negative diseases

The discs found at the spine are not supposed to remain the same all through one’s lifetime.They undergo wear and tear after some time. When they do, they cease to be as flexible as they were before. They drain away the jell-like substance founding them and then apply undue pressure on the adjacent nerve roots and nerves. They cushioning ability which helps in absorbing shock is lost. These discs apply a lot of pressure on the nerves such as the sciatic nerve. When this happens, one experiences a lot of pain.

It is important to point out here that sometimes one does not experience pain at all. The so called chronic back pain may have started as dull, achy sensation which comes and goes. If one does nothing to reduce it, the pain increases in intensity and lasts longer than would be expected-12 weeks.

If the pain does not resolve within 3 months, it is considered chronic. However, if one takes remedial measures to put a stop to the pain, it should cease within the stipulated time.

Traumatic injuries

The other reason for the chronic back pain has a lot to do with an accident that one may have suffered from. It may be a road accident or a fall from a tree or a high position. Whichever the cause, the impact could be so much as to cause the prolonged pain.