Upper back muscle pain causes


The joint dysfunction and muscular irritation are some of the main causes of the upper back muscle pain. Let us look briefly at what each of these are all about.

The muscular irritation is in most cases as a result of the de-conditioning or loss of strength. The problem is common in people who carry out repetitive actions such as swinging their arms when playing a round of golf.

Injuries do occur   in the upper part of the back leading to back muscle pain. One may injure the muscle through straining or spraining. Car accidents can cause dislocation and in the end, one may suffer from muscular irritation and consequently, upper back pain.

The Myofascial pain makes it difficult for one to make use of the upper back as the pain tends to be excruciating. Carrying out any meaningful exercise with the upper back in this situation could be hampered.


As a way of finding back muscle pain relief, one will need to make 4 main approaches to the problems. These are as discussed below:


The upper back should not be rested if one is experiencing pain. Instead, one should go for the physical, passive or active exercises. This form of physical therapy exercise is designed to strengthen the upper back. If you are not sure of the exercises that are suitable for you, you will need to seek the services of a therapist.

Chiropractic manipulation

A chiropractor is an important person in as far as finding relief to your back muscle pain is concerned. The alternative is the osteopathic treatment of the upper back. The conservative care is aimed at rehabilitating the upper back. A physician will also help you deal with the physical pain by providing you with the medication for relief from the debilitating pain.


Rubbing the back gently will calm the muscles and offer one relief from the pain. There are massage parlours where one can get the massage therapy for fast and effective relief from the pain.


The traditional Chinese medicine for relieving pain has found its way in relieving back muscle pain. Needles are placed on the upper back in order to manage pain. The needles are inserted so as to block the pain pathways. The pain messengers are prevented from transmitting the pain signals to the brain.


There are injections which one can receive to deal with the pain. Lidocaine is a trigger joint injection which targets the point of pain directly, hence offering one immediate relief from the upper back pain. The steroidal injections are used for the same reason.


In addition to the above, one can make use various medications to help manage the pain. NSAIDs like ibuprofen will help you deal with the pain. These medications will readily help in reducing the inflammation which could occur.

Other concerns

If you are having a back pain, it would be helpful to find out if you have a fracture which could be revealed through a scan.