Understanding back ache


To begin with, back ache is a common problem affecting people of all ages across the board. A young person is just as likely to suffer from back pain as an old person. Given the fact that back pain is a common problem, we need to ask ourselves like: what causes this problem? What are the symptoms? How do we treat it? The answers to your questions are here.

We are responsible for the pain we feel at the back for the following reasons:

Sitting position

Sitting badly on the chair such as slouching puts a lot of pressure on the back. Others sit at the desk for so long that the back starts to cause problems. Instead of exerting around the office, we prefer to work while sitting. The sedentary lifestyles we lead in the modern society are to blame for the backache. It is important for one to assume the right posture when walking, standing or sitting down.


When we lift heavy objects, we make the mistake of using the back as the support, instead of transferring the weight to the legs. It is advisable that one lifts objects the right way. Taking care of the back is important in order to protect it from damage.

Pain resolves on its own

The back ache will in most cases resolve within 72 hours. This is the common understanding though there is no guarantee. In fact the problem could end up being chronic, dragging on for over 3 months. When this happens, one has to seek other available options such as medication and surgery.


There are various manifestations of backache. One could have a slipped disc where the said disc is damaged. When this disc is damaged, it pinches against the nerves found at the back. The sciatic nerve is one of the nerves which are seriously affected.

Sciatica is the condition which results from the compression of the sciatic nerve. When there is pressure on the nerve from a herniated d or ruptured disc, it gets irritated, leading to the pain.

One can also develop a problem in the neck such as the whiplash. This injury could occur when one is involved in a sudden knock, forcing the neck to move suddenly. This makes the neck to snap at one point on the upper part of the spine at the neck.

The frozen shoulder as well as spondylosis is the other common causes of the backache.

In case of this problem, what are you supposed to do?

There are a number of things you can do to manage the pain.

Be active

Taking a bed rest is not a good thing and as such, one should remain active and live as normally as possible since the pain will go on its own.

Take medications

There are various medications which are available. They include NSAIDs and the OTCs.

Finally, there is the cold compression pack. If all fails, one should check in to a hospital for further treatment which could involve surgery.