Top back pain causes


When you suffer from back pain, there are a number of possible reasons. Before we look at these back pain causes, it is important to appreciate that this problem is common with more and more people checking at hospitals.


The back strain could occur when we lift heavy objects or exercise a lot. The ligaments get torn and ad as result, one experiences back pain.


Some of us hurt our back when we twist. This twisting puts a strain on the muscles, bones, nerves and the spine in general.

Sudden movements

Some people make sudden movements during training or when taking part in sports.

Microscopic tears

The tears are tiny and may not be visible to the naked eye but nevertheless cause the pain in the back. The whiplash is one of the back pain causes and tends to occur in auto accidents.

Herniated disc

The lumbar region of the spine is a common problem whereby the disc weakens and become less flexible. The rubbery part of the spine collapses and ceases to cushion the vertebrae .This places undue pressure on the adjacent nerves. The pressure is usually so intense that one experiences a lot of pain.

Sciatic pain for instance results from the pinching of the sciatic nerve.

Degenerative disc

There is a disease known as the degenerative disease of the disc which is one of the frequent back pain causes. The disc ages and begins to break down as years roll by. When it breaks down, it causes a lot of   irritation as well as instability. Other conditions which could result are sciatica, lower back pain and spasms.


Sometimes the vertebrae above slips forward and take the space of the disc lying beneath it. The condition leads to the condition we are calling isthmis spondylolisthesis   in full. It leads to a lot of pain at the back, nerve root pain and instability as well.

Joint disease

There is a disease known as sacroiliac joint disease. The disease occurs when the sacral joint at the back either increases in movements or reduces the same, to the extent that there is hardly any hardly any movement. This is a common problem among young adults and will mainly be manifested in the joints which connect the area we call the sacrum to the lower side of the spine. This part appears on both sides of the hips.


There is a condition known as the face joint osteoarthritis. The condition is one of the back pain causes and usually occurs when there is a degeneration or breakdown of the cartilage. This breakdown occurs at the facet of the said joints. Pain develops steadily, leading to other severe forms of back pain such as sciatica and lower back pain.


There are two forms of degeneration which could occur. The first one is known as spondylolisthesis and   the other is lumbar spinal stenosis. Both of these conditions cause undue pressure on the nerves as they exit the body via the spine.