Tips for chronic pain relief


Even if you are suffering from chronic pain, there is a hope that you will get better if you take heed of the following tips.

Deep breathing/meditation

For chronic pain relief, you need to learn a number of techniques to enable you overcome the pain. When the body is in a relaxed, you will be surprised to learn how easy it gets in managing your pain. Meditations focus on the heart rate and breathing. Taking deep breaths and shutting out thoughts about your pain will help you to deal with the problem and in no time, you will be able to get the chronic pain relief that you so badly needs.

Manage the stress

Stress, simply put, is not good for your pain. If you can only take rein on it, you will be relieved since the body’s sensitivity to pain will be reduced drastically. Apart from the stress, find ways to deal with anxiety, depression, and anger.

Endorphins through exercises

When we exercise, out bodies are able to release feel good hormones or what we call endorphins. The hormones are very helpful in reducing the pain. It stops us from feeling the intense pain. There are some exercises that one carry out which are specifically targeted at chronic pain relief. If you are not sure which ones are the right ones for you, ask your doctor. You can also get a therapist to help set up a routine.

Reduce alcohol intake

The intake of alcohol has a direct impact on your pain in that it interferes with your sleep. If you cut down your sleep, you will be able to sleep and consequently, you will be able to cope with your chronic pain.

Join support groups

You are likely to get chronic pain relief by sharing your experiences with other people with a similar problem like yours. A problem shared is a problem shared. You will gain a lot from others on how they deal with their problems. Negative thoughts could affect your ability to recover from your pain.

Avoid smoke

There are many lifestyle changes that one has to make in order to get relief from pain. Smoking is only going to make your chronic pain worse. As such, it is highly advisable that you get a solution to your problem by ceasing from smoking.

Track the pain

If you are able to follow the activities you do every day. This will effectively help you know when the pain occurs and what activity you were undertaking at that time.


The conscious ability to take charge of some functions in your body works very well in dealing with chronic pain. These include digestion, temperature and pulse rate.


The purpose of a massage is to help relieve pain, tension and pain .You need to get a professional to massage you in the affected parts. A good massage relaxes the muscles and calms you down. If you have neck pain or back pain which never goes away, a gentle massage is all that you need to get back to health.