Spinal stenosis pain facts


The pressure which exists in the spinal cord or the nerve roots causes the spaces between the spines in more than one region. The narrowing of these spaces is what we medically refer to as spinal stenosis. To understand this better, imagine the bones and the spine and their connection with the vertebrae. The nerves at the back enter leave the spine to the other body parts through which this space which narrows due to aging.

Who is at risk of suffering from the spinal stenosis?

Although people of nearly all ages are susceptible to the condition, spinal stenosis is more common in adults who have attained the age of 50 and above. For the young sufferers, the condition could arise as a congenital defect or as result of an accident.

There are many other causes of the condition and will include:


As we age, the spine undergoes a degenerative process of wear and tear. The ligaments which are found in the spine calcify and also become thick. When this happens, the spine becomes weak, leading to this condition.


The bones and joints may start to enlarge in an abnormal way. This affects the normal appearance of the spine.

Bulging of the bones

The bulging or projections in the bones leads to the spurs.


There are two main diseases which may to spinal stenosis. The first one is osteoarthritis which affects mostly middle aged people. The condition is a degenerative one and is caused by the wasting away of the cartilage layer in the various joints in the body. It is accompanied by the enlargement of the bones which ultimately narrows the spine at the center. The nerve roots are also affected.

The next condition is rheumatoid arthritis which is mostly associated by the inflammation of the joints .There is damage to the joint, bones and ligaments are some of the other areas that are affected by this condition.


If one gets tumors in the spine, bone loss will arise, leading to over activity or bone replacement. This will have an adverse effect on the spine.

Traumatic injuries

If one is involved in an accident, the spine may either crack or fracture. The fragments of the fractures will enter the canal thus bringing about the condition that we are calling spinal stenosis.

Disease of the bone

The bone may suffer from a condition that we call Paget’s disease. The disease causes the bones to grow in abnormal way. The bones become thick and fragile. In the end, there is presence of bone pain, fractures and adverse changes in the structure of the bone.


In order for the doctor to diagnose you from the condition, there will be need to carry out x-ray and scans.

By physically examining you, the doctor will know for sure if you are suffering from the condition or not.

Your medical history will provide vital information on the bone injuries, bone health and the general health.

If found to be suffering from the condition, the doctor will start with non-surgical treatment.