Spinal decompression therapy


If you are suffering from backpain, you might seek two options in treatment: surgical and non-surgical. The spinal decompression is the non-surgical approach to the treatment of the back pain. The pain that we are talking about starts at the lower back, radiating to the arms sand then the legs.  You will need the spinal decompression to treat any of the following conditions:

Herniated disc

Also known as bulging disc, this is a condition in which the discs found in the spine are herniated. The rubbery material which cushions the spines degenerated such that the disc collapses, hence applying pressure on the nerves.


The other problem that is addressed by the spinal decompression is sciatica. The condition arises when the herniated or the bulging disc pinches t one or more of the nerves and nerve roots. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve found at the back. This nerve runs from the end of the lumbar vertebrae through the hip, buttock and terminates at the legs. It does not extend beyond the knees. When the nerve is pressed, it gets irritated, becoming painful as a result. One way of treating this condition is offer therapy and this is where the spinal decompression comes in.

Degeneration disease of the disc

There is a thing as a degenerative disc disease. This problem arises as a result of the fact that the   discs found at the back age and become weak. When they weaken, they become less flexible, thereby failing to protect the structure of the back. This is the reason why many people with the degenerative disc disease are unable to function the normal way. As a result, they are incapacitated to the point that they will need to find a physical therapy to manage it.


People who have undergone surgery will require to be treated through therapy in order to recover as quickly as possible. It does not matter where the surgery gas was carried out; as long as it involves the back muscles, bones or the nerves, there is need to help the body recover from the surgery.

Spinal stenosis

This condition is caused by the fact that the spinal nerve roots are compressed in two areas of the spine. They include the cervical and lumbar regions of the back. When this problem arises, the spinal decompression offers the solution to the problem.

The approach has been found to be highly effective in treating the back pain .it focuses on the bones, muscles and the nerves .The therapy is aimed at putting the spine back to traction. The structure of the spine is dependent on the way we handle it. It employs high technology such as the Triton decompression Traction.

If you have developed problems at the back, it is important to establish the best therapy which will offer you the relief that you need.

The back is a delicate part of the body. If it is not well taken care of, it will tend to bring about problems of mobility.