Possible causes of muscle pain in shoulder


The human shoulder makes many movements. This could explain why own they are susceptible to pain. In the event of the muscle pain in shoulder, there are many possible reasons. These include the following:

Tear or strain in the rotator cuff

This spot is commonly affected by injuries such as the strain, tear or tendinitis. One may also suffer from bursitis. Of all the possible causes of muscle pain in shoulder, this is considered the most prevalent. Acute injuries or overuse of this part leads to the strains and the tears. There are other possible causes of the condition which includes sudden injuries and car accidents.


The condition affects the muscles and tendons in the rotator cuff. When affected, the patient is unable to make any movement in the shoulder joint. It is the second most common cause of the muscle pain in  shoulder. Tendinitis affects the tendon to the extent that one is inflamed or irritated. The cause is not known but the good news is that one is able to recover from it without adverse effects.

Frozen shoulder conditions

When you are limited in the number of motions that you can make in the shoulder, we say that you have a frozen shoulder .The condition arises due to the fact that the tissues in the area become thicker or tighter and in the process, there is formation of scar tissues. One will thus develop stiffness, pain and swelling. In most cases, people who are above the age of 40 are at a higher risk of suffering from frozen shoulder.

The fourth possible cause of muscle pain in shoulder is a condition known as thoracic outlet syndrome. The exact cause of the condition is not well known but the compression of the blood vessels in the area cause .Medication and physical therapy could be used to treat the condition. If all fails, the doctor may recommend surgery as a last option.

There are parts in the joints known as bursar .They are sacs which are fluid-filled. They play an important role in the lubrication of the joint so that one is able to make movements.

Inflammation of the tendon sheath

The cause of this problem is an injury which makes it impossible to carry out normal functions .In the end; one suffers inflammation in the joint.


The tenderness and, pain and fatigue that experiences in the shoulders and the muscles are responsible for the condition that we call fibromyalgia.

We need to focus on other conditions leading to muscle pain in shoulder and which are considered medical emergencies. The first one is known as subarachnoid haemorrhage. Simply put, the condition is brought about by the bleeding inside the area between one’s tissue and the brain. This space is known as the subarachnoid space.

There is also the heart attack which is felt from the joint from a clot in the heart. If one experiences sharp pain and shortness of breath, one should seek emergency treatment.