Natural remedies for joint pain relief


Arthritis is one of the common joint pain conditions people suffer from .Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are caused by the inflammation of the synovial membrane in the joints. Though there are many treatment   options for joint pain relief, the home are remedies are accessible, affordable and also offers one relief from the joint pain.

Turmeric powder is an effective home remedy for joint pain when it is used together with ginger tea. They contain antioxidant which is needed for reducing the inflammation in the joints .After boiling a cup of water; add a half teaspoonful of the turmeric and another half teaspoonful of ginger. Simmer and then strain the mixture. To add a sweet taste to it, you can add some little honey and then drink in sips.

Soaking Epsom salt

One of the best joint pain relief  is Epsom salt. The magnesium sulphate in the salt has been used for years to treat joint pain .One only need to boil water and add Epsom salt in it after the pouring the water in a bathing bowl. The joints are then dipped in the solution about a quarter of an hour. You will be surprised at how fast the relief will be realized.

Take magnesium supplements

Our bodies require a lot of magnesium   for strong joints .it is needed for relaxing our muscles and easing pain. Our bodies unfortunately do not produce the magnesium. As such, one has to obtain the magnesium from food we eat. Sometimes the food we eat does not contain sufficient magnesium. This is where the supplements come into our aid. For the arthritic patients as well as those who are predisposed to it, one is advised to take the supplements .The food that one eats should contain enough magnesium so that one does away with the need for supplements in the first place.

The magnesium oil is also a healthy option which is applied on the skin as opposed to be consumed for joint pain relief.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used to lubricate the joints in order to relieve one from the joint pain. For quick and effective relief, one needs to rub the oil at least twice daily. The oil is not just meant for application by rubbing; it can also be taken. The oil contains some high amount of calories. Therefore, one should relax on the consumption of fatty foods.

Use of dandelion leaves

The tissues in our bodies get damaged while the joints get inflamed from time to time. You will realize that dandelion leaves are a rich source of vitamins A and C. It functions very well in improving the autoimmune system. The leaves are used to make dandelion tea which is made, strained and drunk daily for joint pain relief. If the leaves are old or hard, they can be sautéed.

The white willow tea is another healthy option for treating the joint pain. The willow bark is chopped into a powder and added to boiled water .After infusing, it steeped and a lemon added to add taste.