Muscle pain treatment at home


If you are looking for muscle pain treatment, there are a number of options one can explore. Before looking for the treatment, we need to appreciate the fact that the pain manifests itself in various ways. For instance, one could have dull pain could also become a sharp or electric pain. The debilitating pain becomes unbearable and one resorts to any available treatment. The following are the recommended ways to cope with the muscle pain at home.


Adequate rest is sometimes all that you need to get relief from the pain. If the pain is in the lower back, put it to rest so that you can recover from the pain. Some of the pain one experiences will tend to resolve on its own. The aim may not necessarily the cure but to relieve one from the discomfort.


For muscle pain treatment, there are medications one can buy in the nearest pharmacy. Ibuprofen is a highly effective medication against pain at the back. The only thing that you need to remember is that the medication should be taken for no more than 10 days so as to avoid gastrointestinal problems which could arise. When taken the right way, one will get the relief from the pain.

Ice treatment

For relief from the pain and lower the inflammation, it would be advisable to apply an ice pack on the affected area. The icepack can be substituted with frozen peas. Be careful, though, not to place the ice pack for prolonged period of time. At most, 20 minutes are enough, after which you should remove. The ice treatment can be repeated a number of times in a day until the pain reduce.

Stretch exercises

The back should be exercised so that the area is relaxed and there is a nice flow of blood and oxygen. The stretching should be done gently so that you do not end up hurting the muscles in the process.
Keep off strenuous activities

There are some activities which are intense but which are likely to cause more harm than good to the back and especially if you are trying to recover. Give yourself at least a few days so that the back recovers from the pain before engaging in the said activities.

Weight lifting is healthy for building and strengthening the core and abs. However, for muscle pain treatment, one should take a deserved break until the pain at the back has resolved.

Generally speaking, one should take a break from all activities until the pain at the back has subsided. Continued work out when has pain prevents healing from taking place. A few days off your schedule is all you need to rejuvenate and allow the back muscles to heal.


Practising yoga and other forms of meditation, you will realize that the body responds well and that you will get better without need for medication.
Massage and physical therapy are also recommended as they allow the affected part the back to heal. If the pain is not going away, that is the time you should visit as doctor.