Middle back pain

Businesswoman Suffering From Back Pain

We tend to focus a lot on the lower back and the upper back, forgetting that there is middle back pain. The upper middle back tends to cause a lot of pain due to any of the following reasons:


People who over use the back such as carrying or lifting heavy objects have back pain problems either in the upper or the middle part.

Muscle strain

When we strain our back muscle, we suffer from pain. The strain could occur when one twists, turns or make sudden movements.


Some injuries could occur on the tissues, nerves or the ligaments. The discs which stabilize or keep the spine in place could also be injured, hence the back pain.


If you have a poor posture, you will find that back pain will be a common occurrence to you. Slouching, sitting in a forward leaning position, hunching the shoulders among others could seriously affect your back. The way we sit, stand or walk affect the stability and balance of the back and this could explain why we are always in pain.


The pressure applied on the nerves hence leading to many problems. The herniated disc is one of the results of this pressure.


The vertebrae can suffer from fracture. This could cause a lot of pain. The cartilage could have broken down such that the spine lacks the crucial support or cushioning.

Myofascial pain

The back pain could be as a result of the damage that affects the muscles at the back.


Though not common, there are infections which affect the back.


There are some diseases which lead to the problem. Gallbladder disease will lead to the pain, though this does not occur as often as other causes of pain in the back.


This condition has been found in some cases to cause pain too, though in rare cases.

How to tell if you have upper or middle back pain

There are some common symptoms which are linked to this problem. To begin with, you will experience some pain which is usually, dull but in some cases will shoot. Watch out for the tightness or stiffness in the muscles.

Though the above symptoms may not be very serious, there are those which will warrant the attention of your personal doctor. The moment you notice that you are developing weakness in the legs, act fast for treatment.

Numbness may also result in the arms or belly. The tingling feeling could move over to the chest as well. The problem should not be taken lightly and as such, medical attention is necessary.

Bowel and bladder problems

The back pain gets out of hand when you realize that you have lost your power to control your bladder or bladder.


Having identified the various symptoms leading to the pain in the back, there are a number of ways in which the problem can addressed. There are over-the-counter medications, ice-cold treatment, therapy and physical exercises.
Apart from the above, one should know how to take care of themselves such as taking a deserved rest, improving a posture. Stress should also be avoided.