How to treat pain in lower back


The pain at the back starts at the lumbar region before moving to the other parts. The pain at this point is usually severe and has been blamed for inability to work among the majority of the working Americans. Most will call at work, complaining of pain at the back. It is important to find ways to treat pain in lower back.

The good news is that pain in lower back will resolve on its own after a few days. Where it doesn’t resolve at all, one has to find alternative ways to manage it. Before finding the ways to treat it, one has to know the symptoms first. These are as follows:

Dull to shooting pain

The patient will often complain about stabbing or shooting pain which could in some cases be described as dull. People with this kind of pain are unable to make necessary body movements. When they do, it is usually very painful.

The acute pain is usually felt when one attempts to lift heavy objects .it is sudden but disappears as soon as it is felt. However, it may sometimes go on for 12 weeks, easily qualifying it to be chronic pain.

Ordinarily, the pain at the back should resolve within 3 days, failure to which a medical solution should be sought.

Emergency cases

Not all back problems should be treated at home. In fact they are considered emergencies and should be attended as soon as possible. If you lose the control over the bowel or bladder, it is important that the pain in lower back be treated on a matter of urgency. A fever or severe leg weakness should also not be taken lightly. All these indicate that a higher level of pain in lower back which could make one incapacitated and the home treatment may not be effective in treating the condition.

Muscle strain

Sometimes the pain at the lower back is as a result of the strain in the muscle, strenous exercises as well as lifting heavy objects could lead to a rupture or a bulge in the disc at the back. When this happens, the discs press against the sciatic nerve, leading to severe pain. People who suffer from sciatica will need to be treated for muscle strain but more importantly, they should cease engaging in excess physical exercises. They should also not lift very heavy objects until such a time that the pain at the back has disappeared.

Slouching or sitting on uncomfortable chair could aggravate the problem. In order to manage the pain, it is highly advisable that practises good posture. Do not sit at your desk for long hours; make some movements to stretch the muscles at the back.

Twisting, bending or making sudden moves causes a lot of damage to the nerves at the back. Ladies who use short straps for their bags are at a risk p of suffering from pain in lower back. In order to minimize the pain, the bags should have longer straps and well balanced across the chest for balance.