How to get lower back pain relief fast


When people suffer from lower back pain, they seek various ways to get relief. There are medications, home remedies, exercises among others. Yet, there are ways one can get lower back pain relief fast.

Take broccoli

Out of the various vegetables that we take, broccoli is highly regarded because it is rich in calcium. As you are well aware, you need a lot of calcium for strong bones. The calcium alone may not deposit easily in the bones were it not for the vitamin K. With enough calcium in the bones, one will have less chances of getting back pain problems. People who consume more broccolis will tend to have lowered risks of injuries in the lower back.

Carry lighter loads

As a rule, you should learn to carry weights which are not more than 10% of your weight. This is not enough; at least have the weight balanced well on your body. If you are using a bag to carry, ensure that the bag has a long strap so that you can strap it well across your chest.

Correct sleeping position

The way one sleeps has a bearing on the way we feel at the back. For lower back pain relief, you need to ensure that the spine is in neutral position. One should use a pillow at the back of the knee to ensure that the spine is comfortable. One can also place the pillow in between the knees if you are sleeping on the side. One common mistake people make is that they place the pillow on the head such that the spine goes out of alignment with the head. This could create problems with the back.

Strong abs

The core muscles are crucial for a healthy back. There are a number of core muscle stretches one can do to strengthen the core muscles or the abs. You can tilt the muscles; bend your knees as you lie on your back, pull the belly button closer to the spine while keeping your feet firmly to the ground. When the abs contract, they become strong and you will be sure of lower back pain relief.


The key to lower back pain relief is to ensure that you maintain a healthy posture. The back should be straight with a support against the chair. One can add in a lumbar pillow so that the back is strong. For further stability, one can use a stability ball so that you can attain stability when sitting down.

Pain management

Apart from the above, you need to focus a lot on the pain and how to relieve it. One does not have to wait until the pain resolves on its own. There are over-the-counter medications one can use to deal with the pain. Aspirin and ibuprofen are some of the medications one can take for lower back pain relief. One should however take some of them upon consultation with a doctor because they may lead to a serious problem like gastrointestinal or bleeding.