Effective treatment for low back pain relief


Although a high percentage of back pain problems resolve within 6 weeks on average, one should learn to give their back a break through some specialized treatments. Injuries and, nerve and structural damage in the back can result in back pain. One does not have to wait for the pain to resolve on its own in 6 weeks. The following are effective low back pain relief options one can take.

Taking pills

There are some pills which your doctor will advise you to take to treat you condition. The NSAIDs such as ibuprofen will ease your pain in a more effective way than the acetaminophen .A word of caution though: prolonged usage of these pills may have adverse effect on the gastrointestinal systems. You are therefore advised not to exceed 10 days of intake.

Ice-heat treatment

For low back pain relief you need to relax the muscles and at the same time, block the pain receptors. The ice –pack or a bag of peas that have been frozen will work just as fine .When the ice pack or the frozen peas are place on the source of pain, they provide one is localized cooling, reducing the flow of blood in the capillaries. With less blood flowing at the source of pain, swelling will subside and you will get the kind of low back pain relief that you needed. When the path signals are blocked, one will less likely experience pain.

The pain treatment has its benefits as well as it helps in the relaxing muscles which are tight and boosts circulation. When there is a good supply of oxygen at the back, the pain will be easy to manage.


The mattress one sleeps on affects the condition of the back. The coils may not be the best option for you because they do not yield. In the same vein, you should not go for the very firm ones. Instead, it would be advisable to take the medium-density ones. The latter are a little yielding, hence offering you the comfort that you need for your back. A mattress that has been used for more than 6 years should be replaced.

The feet

The condition of one’s feet has a lot to with back pain. The way we walk affects the back. For instance, curving our feet inwards as we walk or pronation puts a strain on our back. For low back pain relief, one should seriously consider seeking help from orthotics. Most of the back pain problems people experience starts at the feet, moving up.

Stretching instead of taking bed rest

It was customary for one to be asked for a bed rest following a back injury. Things have changed such that instead of resting in bed, one is asked to make stretches. In order to stabilize the back, oneshould walk, standing on a firm structure such as your desk and even yoga .All these exercises have a positive effect on your back.


Massaging the back does a lot of good to your body, relieving you from a lot of pain.