Best back pain treatment and drugs


If you are suffering from back pain, you need to find back pain treatment and recommended drugs to offer you the relief from pain. The back pain manifests itself in various ways. It may be acute, mild or chronic. The chronic one can last a few weeks before resolving on its own. If the pain does not resolve, one has to find back pain treatment.

Heat and ice treatment

There ice pack or frozen peas make the most formidable treatment for back pain. The ice pack is pressed gently against the source of the pain. The relief is realized because the ice relaxes the muscles and block and pain signals. It also removes the discomfort of pain.

The heat treatment is a good option. It involves the use to make quell the pain receptors as well as relax muscles. A heat wrap, pad or a warm shower will give you a head start towards recovery from the pain.

What you should NOT do

Though some of things people do for back pain treatment are deemed okay, they are actually wrong. The first thing is that contrary to common belief, a bed rest is not good for you unless you are in serious pain. One should maintain some level of activity at least so that one can recover from the pain.

Hard training

Going for a hard or vigorous training is likely to interfere with your healing process. Instead of straining during the healing process, you need to take up some light exercises. Some light activity like walking will do you a lot of good.

Fearing pain

One of the reasons why one is always in pain is because of avoiding activities which bring pain. On the contrary, one should engage in activities which will eliminate the pain.

If the home treatment is not working, one should look for stronger medications. The medications include the following:


The over-the-counter medications are highly effective in relieving one from the pain. They include Tylenol. The other medicines like Ibuprofen are highly effective in relieving the pain. They are called Non –steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs should only be taken as directed by your physician so that you do not suffer from side effects. For instance, it is advisable that one takes for no more than 10 days.

Muscle relaxants

For back pain treatment, you need muscle relaxants to help deal with the muscle spasms. A word of caution though, you should expect to feel dizzy after taking the muscle relaxants.

The topical pain relievers on the other hand are used in the form of creams, balms and ointments. If you are suffering from chronic pain, you should use the topical creams to deal with the pain.

The use of the anti-depressants to relieve pain should not be construed to mean than one necessarily that is stressed or depressed. It simply means that you have to manage stress in order to get better. The use of these drugs will help relieve pain.

Finally, there are injections such as the epidural steroidal injections to relieve back pain.